Hi, my name is Pieter Joost van de Sande and I’m a software engineer for almost a decade.

I'm currently employed by wercker, a startup based in Amsterdam. We are building an integral software delivery platform in the cloud. At wercker I mainly write NodeJS, Python, Go and Shell Script. Next to writing code I'm responsible for community engagement and support. Previously I was a thought leader at atos, one of worlds leading international information technology services companies. This is where I received the Atos TRP award and therefor I was a distinguished member of technical staff.

Next to the employment I play an active role in the software development community. I've presented at conferences like Microsoft TechDays, Software Development Conference and NDC. I'm a one of the founders of Devnology and I help to organise meetings and run a software development podcast. My active role in the community is recognised by Microsoft who awarded me with the exclusive Microsoft MVP award.

In my free time I contribute to various open source projects. I have contributed to Bundler, ncqrs, node-auth, ssh-keygen, Neo4jClient, EventStore and many more. As you can see at my Github profile, the contributions are not bound to a specific programming language or platform. I like to explore different languages and paradigms. I am count C# as one of worlds most beautiful programming languages, and I am in love with Google's Go. Although I prefer staticly typed languages in most situations, you also find me writing Javascript, Python, some Ruby and Smalltalk.

To clear my head and recharge my batteries I run barefoot.


If you have any questions, comments, or would just like to say hello, please don't hesitate to drop me a tweet, send me a mail pj@born2code.net.


The reason this website looks awesome is David Ensinger. I used his site design as the foundation for this one. I develop mainly on a MacBook Pro (can't live without a retina display anymore) that runs Ubuntu 13.10 with AwesomeWM, a tailing window manager. Sublime Text 3 is my primarily editor. Type is set in Open Sans, which is served by Google Web Fonts. Posts are composed in Markdown and syntax is highlighted with Pygments.

The site is generated with Jekyll and hosted on Amazone S3. The process of generation and deployment is automated with wercker.

The DNS for born2code.net is served by Amazon Route 53, Amazon's high available and scalable domain name system. This allows me to host this blog at a naked domain (a domain without www).

The source code is hosted at github in the repository pjvds/born2code. You are free to fork or steel anything you find useful.