Build and deploy status notification with the cctray feed

At wercker we have added build and deployment status output in the cctray.xml format, an RSS-like continuous integration server status feed, which was originally developed for In this post I would like to share the details and how I leverage this to get notified on important wercker status changes via CCMenu.



Wercker offers two endpoints per project that serve status information in the cctray.xml format. One for the build status, and one for the deployment status.

Buids status feed

The feed url that contains the build status from an project is:{PROJECT-ID}/cc/build

You need to replace {PROJECT-ID} with the project id of the project you want to monitor.

Deploy status feed

The feed url that contains the deployment status of a project's deploy target is:{PROJECT-ID}/cc/deploytargets/{DEPLOY-TARGET-NAME}

You need to replace {PROJECT-ID} with the project id of the project you want to monitor and {DEPLOY-TARGET-NAME} with the name of the deploy target. Read more about deploy targets on ou dev center


Here is a list of tools that allow you to monitor cctray.xml feeds and that can be used to monitor your build and deployment statuses of your wercker projects.

Using CCMenu

There are a lot of tools that support the cc status format. As I'm mostly working on a Mac I decided to use CCMenu. It allows you to monitor multiple projects at the same time, and identifies the overall build status with just a glance at the menu bar.


Download and install the latest version of ccmenu from the CCMenu project.

Finding your project id

Navigate to your project page at and copy your project id from the url.


Add builds to CCMenu

Open CCMenu by clicking on the icon in the top menu bar and open preferences.


Enter feed details

Click on the plus sign in the preference window and enter your project cc feed url. It is important to follow the following steps closely because CCMenu was acting a bit weird when I entered my details.

  1. Enter your feed url
  2. Click Use URL as entered above option
  3. Enter your wercker credentials
  4. Check The server requires authentication
  5. Click Continue
  6. See the status of your project in your menu bar!


Other feeds

You can repeat the previous steps for other feeds as well.

Notification center

CCMenu supports Mac's Notification Center


Final result


Earn some stickers

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