Tune your biological clock with Redshift

I recently started using Redshift and now I question myself how I ever looked into that bright illuminated screen all the time?

Redshift adjusts the color temperature your screen based on the position of the sun. When there is no sun because it is too early or too late it tries to match the color temperature of the lamps there room.

The thing that surprised me is that not only it alleviates the strain on my eyes, but that the slow transition of color temperature make me more aware of the time of the day. When my screen is pretty bright - normal color temperature - I know it is time to lunch. I know it is almost time to get ready for my trip to home when everything starts to look warm. Also the deep red tone during the evening gets makes me aware that I am hacking at night, rather than the I am just hacking. It is hard to explain this, but when I talked to one of my colleagues today, that was his experience as well.

It makes you better aware of time without the explicit numbers a clock offers. And a clock jumps from time to time. We have all been there where you look at the clock, and the next time you look a few hours past. I guess that Redshift is some sort of clock that you can't miss. Maybe that is the reason that is can also help you sleep better.

A pleasant surprise from a tool that I thought would just save my eyes.

Although Redshift works on Linux and Windows, I think people that want to try this on Windows or Mac OS are better of with f.lux.